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Bitco Services Ltd.

Fine-tuning an established drill-bit manufacturing business identity.

We were approached by Bitco Services Ltd. to create their 2016 product and services catalog, give much needed art direction for the user interface design of their new website and lastly, to fine-tune the brand mark and visual identity of the company. The original dated brand mark needed to be refreshed significantly while retaining the visual brand equity the company have grown over the years.
The brand's original brand-mark and identity was dated and lacked the visual presence synonymous with a reputable and quality-driven business.

Drillers, engineers, researchers and innovators of the oil & gas drilling industry.

The new brand mark and identity has been refined with uniformity, balance and professional appeal in mind. The ‘B’ of the symbol was creatively tweaked to conceptually incorporate Bitco’s core brand offer of industrial scale drill bits, positioning Bitco bits as enabling their customers to reach new depths.
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